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  The Little Minister



  Maude Adams Edition

  NEW YORK R. H. RUSSELL: Publisher 1898

  Copyright 1891 and 1895 By UNITED STATES BOOK CO.



  PAGE I. The Love-Light. 1 II. Runs Alongside the Making of a Minister. 7 III. The Night-Watchers. 17 IV. First Coming of the Egyptian Woman. 30 V. A Warlike Chapter, Culminating in the Flouting of the Minister by the Woman. 42 VI. In Which the Soldiers Meet the Amazons of Thrums. 50 VII. Has the Folly of Looking into a Woman's Eyes by way of Text. 62 VIII. 3 A.M.--Monstrous Audacity of the Woman. 69 IX. The Woman Considered in Absence--Adventures of a Military Cloak. 79 X. First Sermon Against Women. 89 XI. Tells in a Whisper of Man's Fall During the Curling Season. 100 XII. Tragedy of a Mud House. 110 XIII. Second Coming of the Egyptian Woman. 117 XIV. The Minister Dances to the Woman's Piping. 125 XV. The Minister Bewitched--Second Sermon against Women. 135 XVI. Continued Misbehaviour of the Egyptian Woman. 143 XVII. Intrusion of Haggart into These Pages against the Author's Wish. 151 XVIII. Caddam--Love Leading to a Rupture. 161 XIX. Circumstances Leading to the First Sermon in Approval of Women. 169 XX. End of the State of Indecision. 177 XXI. Night--Margaret--Flashing of a Lantern. 186 XXII. Lovers. 196 XXIII. Contains a Birth, Which is Sufficient for One Chapter. 205 XXIV. The New World, and the Woman Who May Not Dwell Therein. 211 XXV. Beginning of the Twenty-Four Hours. 217 XXVI. Scene at the Spittal. 225 XXVII. First Journey of the Dominie to Thrums During the Twenty-Four Hours. 232 XXVIII. The Hill before Darkness Fell--Scene of the Impending Catastrophe. 237 XXIX. Story of the Egyptian. 244 XXX. The Meeting for Rain. 252 XXXI. Various Bodies Converging on the Hill. 259 XXXII. Leading Swiftly to the Appalling Marriage. 268 XXXIII. While the Ten O'Clock Bell Was Ringing. 274 XXXIV. The Great Rain. 281 XXXV. The Glen at Break of Day. 285 XXXVI. Story of the Dominie. 299 XXXVII. Second Journey of the Dominie to Thrums During the Twenty-Four Hours. 308 XXXVIII. Thrums during the Twenty-Four Hours--Defence of the Manse. 315 XXXIX. How Babbie Spent the Night of August Fourth. 324 XL. Babbie and Margaret--Defence of the Manse Continued. 330 XLI. Rintoul and Babbie--Breakdown of the Defence of the Manse. 337 XLII. Margaret, the Precentor, and God Between. 345 XLIII. Rain--Mist--The Jaws. 353 XLIV. End of the Twenty-Four Hours. 363 XLV. Talk of a Little Maid Since Grown Tall. 369



  The illustrations in this book have been made especially for thisedition of The Little Minister by arrangement with Mr. CharlesFrohman, through whose courtesy they are here reproduced. Many of themwere drawn by C. Allen Gilbert, while others are from photographswhich appear here for the first time.